May 19, 2018

New Prices

You may notice there's a bit of price change for some of our products. This is because we want to make sure you get the best quality of our items and at the same time we are using new and efficient shipping couriers to make sure your order gets delivered fast and on time at all cost. 

May 10, 2018

Magic Period has been passed on to new owners. Despite the store's slow performance for the past few months, we are glad to finally make it alive again with new owners, new staff and partners. Rest assured that all pending orders will still be fulfilled one at a time. We will be updating everything including inventory, new stocks, new terms and store policies. So please do read em when you have the time. 

For all pending orders, we apologize and rest assured we will do our best to still fulfil your order. Just email us anytime so we can work on it asap.

Thank you for your continued support.