About Us

Welcome to Magic Period!

Magic Period is a smol online shop based in Yiwu, China. We're working to bringing you unique and wearable everyday items at affordable prices. In addition to that, we offer free shipping to international customers. Our main goal is to provide trendy designs with affordable prices to the world along with providing outstanding quality and superb customer service. We have been in business since March 2015.

Even though we are a very smol business with only 2 people working full time, we have collaborated with several social media icons like Joanna Kuchta, Ellen Sheidlin, Wolf Tyla, Camilakilla, Manu Rios and Elisabeth Rioux. 

Our support team is based in the US. Our entire staff is run by women.  

Why you should shop with us?

  • High quality guaranteed! 
  • Free shipping worldwide to all orders, no minimum spend!
  • Easy payments using your credit and debit card through a secure payment gateway.
  • Money back guaranteed for all undelivered orders within 60 days.

We appreciate your support and thank you for your business.

Magic Period